2018 Executive Committee & Office Bearer Announcement


Thank you to everyone that attended last Sundays AGM. Below are the Club’s new 2018 Club Executive Committee and Office Bearers:

Executive Committee Members:

President – Andrew Fitzgerald
Co-Vice President – Barry Woods
Co-Vice President – Stephen Cook
Treasurer – Andrew and Kate Hopkins
Secretary – Ben Clarke
Club Captain – Sean Cleary
Business Strategy Chairperson – John Hribar
Racing Chairperson – Brian Harwood
Junior Development Chairperson – Andrew Johnstone
Women’s and Girls Development – Madison Fitzgerald
Fundraising Chairperson – Kelly Sutton
Sponsorship Chairperson – Vacant
Social Club Chairperson – Vacant

General Committee:

1. Vacant
2. Vacant
3. Vacant

Office Bearers:

Club Vice Captain – Vacant
Junior Club Co-Captain – Boys: Mitchell McGovern & Jackson Hribar
Junior Club Co-Captain – Girls: Sophie Marr & Lauren Fitzgerald
Membership Secretary – Doris Marr
Communications Coordinator – Mark Bailey
Club Chief Commissaire – Doug Reith
Handicapper – Doug Reith
Assistant Handicapper – David Gallagher
Trophy Steward – Noel Clarkson
Track Aggregate Steward – Robin Surtees
Races Results Coordinator – Rob Monteath
Grants Coordinator – Nicole Snyder
Club Apparel Coordinator – Paula McGovern
Facilities/Asset Coordinator – Damian Breed
Website Coordinator- Mark Bailey
Traffic/Race Permits Coordinator – Phillip Vimpani
Volunteer Coordinator – Vacant
Schools Liaison Coordinator – Vacant

Junior Team Managers (Coordinate State Track & Road Club Championship Teams):
J9 - Vacant
J11 - Barry Woods
J13 - Robin Surtees
J15 - Vacant
J17 - Doris Marr
J19 - Club Captain

Thank you to everyone who nominated or have since volunteered to take on a role as listed above. If anyone is interested in a vacant listed position above, please contact me, in person, email or phone.

Thank you to all of 2017 committee and office bearers, your contribution to the successful running of the club was appreciated.

Kind Regards

Andrew Fitzgerald

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