Support for CV Events Required!


To all Members of our Club and Supporters,

Over the road and track season’s a great deal of work is required to make events happen both on the day of the event and behind the scenes pre and post each event.

All of this time consuming hard work is completed by volunteers and who are passionate about providing opportunities to participate or for others to participate in safe, organized cycling events.

Without these integral volunteers supporting our Club these cycling events would not happen and this would limit riding opportunities.

Blackburn Cycling Club is calling out for more volunteers to assist at events to support its riders and the Club overall. There are many roles available and we are certainly willing to teach and support any volunteers along the way.

Some of the roles required may include assisting with registration, set up of an event, pack up of an event, traffic control and presentations just to name a few.

An event is being held at Darebin International Sport Centre (DISC) on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th to host National Junior Track Series and Melbourne Cup On Wheels on Saturday 8th December.

Cycling Victoria is reaching out to Clubs for volunteers to assist at this event.

Roles include Ticket box, holders, assisting with presentations, lap board & bell, running results and roving the venue / venue Management to support Patrons just to name a few.

As this is a Cycling Victoria hosted event Cycling Victoria will provide a financial incentive to Blackburn Cycling Club to compensate for the support of their volunteers.

Please don’t stand on the sidelines please make yourself known if you are able to volunteer on these dates, or any of the Blackburn Cycling Club events please send your name and contact phone number to the following email address and a Club representative will be in contact with you.

Thank you very much to the volunteers that work so hard at Blackburn Cycling Club, your time and efforts are greatly appreciated.

Many hands make light work and the more volunteers we have the stronger our foundation will become. Don’t sit back and just let it happen, make it happen by getting involved and build on the cycling community.


Darebin Internation Sports Centre, 281 Darebind Road, Thornbury

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