Club Teams Time Trial Championships - Assistance Required


Cycling Victoria is seeking assistance and support from Blackburn club members who are over 18 years old and are able to help traffic marshal at the Woodstock on Loddon Course for the Club Teams Time Trial Championships this coming weekend on Sunday 4th November.

The marshall points are marked on the attached, these being:
1) Newbridge Road
2) Newbridge Road – Bridgewater-Maldon Road
3) Newbridge Road – Wimmera Highway
4) Wimmera Highway – Laanecoorie-Newbridge Road
5) Laanecoorie-Newbridge Road – Tarngulla-Laancoorie Road
6) Tarngulla-Laancoorie Road – Bendigo-Maryborough Road
7) Bendigo-Maryborough Road – Newbridge Road
8) Start-Finish

The majority of points would be manned for approximately two hours, with the exception of the Start-Finish point and along Newbridge Road to the left hand turn into Laanecoorie-Newbridge Road.

If you are free to help out please contact Craig Eastwood at the below contact information and email the club

Craig Eastwood
Racing Manager

P: +61 3 8480 3000 | 0428 317 460 |
281 Darebin Road, Thornbury, 3071
121st Austral weblink


Woodstock on Loddon

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