It is that time of year again, the Club will be running its Club Track Championships this Saturday 9/02 and Saturday 16/02 at the clubs East Burwood Reserve velodrome. All riders who hold a Race Licence can compete. See the clubs Team App page for each Saturday’s scheduled start time.

The Championships are open only to fully paid up members of the Blackburn Cycling Club.

CHAMPIONSHIP RULES (revision date 10th March 2015)

All racing will be conducted according to the Cycling Australia (CA) Technical Regulations. The Club Championships events are run by category (the CA licenced age category) rather than grades.

An event will be held for each category with two or more entries.

If there is only one entry in a category, that rider may enter and compete in the next “higher” category – which potentially may make enough for the higher category event to be run. This process must start from the lowest category and work upwards to the highest (Elite) category. All will then compete for the awards of the higher category. For example, if there is only one entry in each of the J17, J15 and J13 categories, the J13 rider would be invited to ride the J15 event – which could now be held as there are two entries. The J17 would be invited to ride J19 or higher. For Masters this process would work down from the oldest age category toward Elite.

Such riders riding in a higher age category may ride with the gearing restrictions of the “higher” category. These rules apply to all events (ITT and Scratches races).

The next “higher” category is the next category closer to elite (that is, the next lower age category in Masters divisions, and the next higher age category in Junior divisions.

In contrast to our normal Club racing, no prize money is paid as aggregate trophies or medals are awarded instead.

Riders must enter each Championship event separately and pay the entry fee for each Saturday event. The entry fee payable for each event is the same as the normal race entry fee.

Club Track Championships will be recognised in Sprinter and Endurance disciplines, comprising the following events:

Sprinters Championship Endurance Championship
Elite Men: Sprint, Time Trial and Keirin Scratch, Pursuit and Points Race.
Elite Women: Sprint, Time Trial, Keirin, Scratch, Pursuit and Points Race.
Masters: Sprint, Time Trial, Keirin, Scratch, Pursuit and Points Race.
J17: Sprint, Time Trial, Keirin, Scratch, Pursuit and Points Race.
J15: Sprint, Time Trial, Keirin, Scratch and Pursuit.
J13 / J11 Sprint, Time Trial, Scratch and Pursuit.

Masters may compete the Elite Mens Points Race if they wish.

Placegetters in each event will be acknowledged on the day of racing but medals will not be issued until a date is set for a presentation event.

The Club Track Champion in both Sprinter and Endurance disciplines (in each eligible racing Category) will be awarded a Trophy with the minor placings receiving medals. These awards will be presented at the Club’s Presentation Night.

Overall Club Track Sprinter and Track Endurance Champions will be recognised in those categories for which events were held, and will be based on points allocated for places achieved in each Championship event. The points allocated are: 1st place – 5 pts, 2nd – 3 pts, 3rd – 2 pts, 4th – 1 pt. The points allocated are as stated regardless of the number of entries. (e.g. If three competitors, 5, 3 and 2 points would be awarded).

If two or more riders are equal on Championship Points, the placings will be determined on a count back: first going to the rider with the greatest number of firsts, and if still equal, then on the number of 2nds, and if still equal, then on the number of thirds.

Should riders still be on equal Championship Points, the placing’s for the Sprint Champion will be determined by the fastest 200metre qualify time, and for the Endurance Champion, it will be determined by the fastest qualifying pursuit time.

The distances for each of the track events are as close is as practicable to the Australian Championship Distances (given that our track is 307m per lap). Final discretion, as always, rests with the Chief Commissaire on the day.

Information about each age category distance and applicable events can be found at

Points Race
The Points Race will be decided on POINTS with sprints every 10 laps.

Points are awarded for the first 4 places in each sprint (5, 3, 2 and 1 pts respectively).

Any rider gaining a lap on the main field will be awarded 20 points.

Any rider losing a lap to the main field will lose 20 points. Any rider losing more than two laps to the main field will be eliminated. Note: no “double points” on the last sprint!


298 Burwood Highway, East Burwood

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