Wanted - 20 Traffic Controllers (Victorian Junior Tours)


Hello Parents,

(There are 3 associated documents attached to this publication. If you have trouble downloading the documents please email Brian Harwood on the email address below)

Melbourne’s increasing population, ageing volunteers and fewer Juniors in Country Clubs has caused a rethink of how we conduct road racing for our junior bike racers.
Cycling Victoria is committed to the ongoing custom of Junior Tours in country areas and so are forming a Junior Management Group (JMG) to relieve the burden on the Country Clubs.
Currently Country Clubs have a limited member and resource base on which to comply with road regulations, obtain permits and safely conduct these events. Given the vast number of volunteers are required, the JMG is seeking your assistance.
The JMG will form a roster from the available parent pool of the racing group across Victoria. It includes the supply of all Traffic Controllers, Marshals and Car Drivers, sign preparation, truck pre-pack and unpack. Truck hire and return. This is an extension of the successful experiment last year, rostering Car Drivers. More information will be advised as venues are locked in.
• We are calling for expressions of interest to Brian Harwood (harwoodbj@bigpond.com ), for 20 volunteers to obtain their Traffic Controllers (T/C’s) Certificate of Attainment at CV’s expense conducted by ATC, a Registered Training Organisation specialising in event management at Ringwood on Saturday March 30th, 2019.

Priority will be given to parents with multiple children in the system or to those with children obviously staying involved for a number of years. The certificate lasts for 3 years.
o Up to 10 T/C’s per stage may be required per stage.

• The same organisation has been engaged to draw up all tour Traffic Management Plans (TMP’s).
This will enable all our newly trained T/C’s to read the TMP’s and implement them.

• All Traffic Management signage will be hired and made available to the host club.

• A suitable vehicle will be hired to transport signage and equipment to the venue.

• Where possible and practicable closed roads and speed restrictions will be applied for.

• The JMG will be seeking sponsorship to offset these costs.

Please let us know if you have any contacts on this matter. TAC will still be the naming rights sponsor.

Kind Regards,
Brian Harwood
Tour Coordinator, Victorian Junior Road Series

Craig Eastwood
General Manager

P: +61 3 8480 3000 | 0428 317 460
craig.eastwood@cycling.org.au | vic.cycling.org.au
281 Darebin Road, Thornbury, 3071


9/100 New St, Ringwood VIC 3134

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