Dear Blackburn Members,

It has been an interesting couple of months for the club as we have adjusted to the virus restrictions and figured out how to run meetings and ergos online. The Monday Night Ergos and AJ’s Hour of Power on a Wednesday have provided us with some great alternatives to group training while we have been in lockdown. We have also run club committee meetings on Zoom and now as the restrictions are gradually relaxed we are beginning to return to training and eventually racing in the not too distant future. With the easing of restrictions we do have an obligation to each other and the broader community to undertake permitted activities in a safe way. This means we can’t just “return to normal” and take up where we left off. We need to change a few of our habits and the way we do things in some instances.

The club has prepared a “Return to Play” plan in line with government and Cycling Australia and Cycling Victoria recommendations. The plan covers off on modifications we are going to implement to run our sessions and also communicate requirements with our members. The club committee and coaches will be undertaking COVID-19 Infection Control Training ( and I would encourage any parents and older children to log on and do the free training as well (it only takes 15mins).

As a participant in club events we ask that you use common sense and also assist us by:
• Only turning up if you are well
• Reading and following the attached guidelines while we are together and most importantly
○ Washing your hands
○ Maintaining social distance (no high fives, hugs or sharing equipment)
○ Bringing all your own equipment including drink bottles
○ Cough and sneeze into your elbow, no spitting or snot rockets
• Providing the coach at the event with your attention when they brief you at the start of the activity and following any specific advice they provide
• Download TeamAPP on your phone and sign on whenever you attend an event so we have a record you were with us
• Adhering to any venue specific instructions you are given (this will be more relevant when we start to use the clubrooms and DISC again)

I will be acting as the COVID-19 Liaison for the club. This means I will keep track of the changing regulations and update our plan, processes and information as required. If you have any queries or concerns please get in touch at or by phone 0447 383 534.

This weekend we are running a JDP session at Jells Park and hosting a social ride on Sunday morning. Hopefully you can make it along and we can all enjoy rolling along together again!

Cheers, Ben