Blackburn prides itself on being an open and friendly club. We welcome all riders, whether you are young, old, female or male, novice or champion. We work to support all riders and aim to help you get what you want from cycling, be it a fun ride on the weekend or help in reaching the Olympics.

The Blackburn Cycling Club is an Australian Road and Track Cycling Club first established in 1946 by George Robinson of Rob's Cycles in Blackburn.

Blackburn has built a clubhouse and track for itself at the East Burwood Reserve near the corner of Springvale Rd and Burwood Highway. The clubhouse has weights, training bikes, loan track bikes for new riders as well as a kiosk. Club coached training sessions are held there throughout the year as are all our meetings. All members are always welcome to use the facilities. The club also has a number of accredited coaches to assist with training, bike position and handling as well as any other questions you may have.

Blackburn holds racing, training and club rides throughout the year. Over summer we hold track racing every Saturday and training in the evenings during the period of daylight savings. In conjunction with other clubs we also have street races, called criteriums, over summer.

In Autumn, Winter and Spring, we hold road races and criteriums in a variety of locations, again in conjunction with other clubs in the South and South East areas of Melbourne. Blackburn is committed to providing safe, exciting, well-organised and friendly events for all riders.


The Blackburn Cycling Club is controlled by cycling's governing bodies in Victoria (CycleSport Victoria) and Australia (Cycling Australia). Under our constitution the office bearers of the club (President, Vice-president, Secretary, Treasurer and Club Captain) are elected by the Members at the annual general meeting. These office bearers together with the chairpersons of the various sub-committees, form the Executive Committee which represents the Members in running and managing the club.

Club Meetings

Club meeting are held on a regular basis, and will be published on the Website Calendar, and members are notified by Email.

Our Goals

The Blackburn Cycling Club's primary goal is to provide to our members a variety of racing staged in the safest and most professional manner possible. Second, to provide the facilities and services for members to get the most out of their cycling and racing experiences.

Our current focus is on increasing both the Women's and Junior participation levels through a number of strategies.


Blackburn Cycling Club is dependent on our members to help organise & run races & events. We value our members and thank those who devote their time to allow others to participate in some of the most love cycling events on the yearly calendar.

All registered members (but excluding life members) are requested (and expected to) assist their Club with the running of the BBN hosted race events - either personally or by finding somebody else (for juniors this probably means 'a parent'). Each season we endeavour to get the race fixture and roster requirements completed early enough for members to be able to review and submit their events and position preferences. Each member is usually required to perform at least 2 duties during each season.

If we do not get volunteers for all positions by the stated cut-off date we have no choice but to assign members to the unfilled duty roster positions or not run the event.

We do not necessarily expect that members personally do the duty they volunteered (or assigned) to do but that they take the responsibility to see that the duty is fullfilled by either doing it personally or by finding somebody else. We would really like to see our BBN members ride each of our races and therefore encourage all to pursuade family, friends, or relatives to come out and help. Most people find it very rewarding and they will get a chance to see you race! Rostered Members (RM's) are to advise the Race Director of any changes to the roster where a substitute is being used to fulfil their role and provide contact details of the substitute.