Twilight Racing at Blackburn Cycling Club

Thu, 20 Dec 2018
from 5:30pm to 8:30pm

by Andrew Johnstone (AJ)
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Time zone: Melbourne
Reminder: 2 hours before
Ends: 08:30pm (duration is about 3 hours)

Ticket sales for this event ended at 8:30 PM, 20 December 2018

Summer Track Racing is back at BBN Velodrome for the summer.

This weeks racing sponsored by:

Todays events:
Race 1 ABC 4 LAP/DEF 3 LAP Heart starter
Race 2 Scratch
Race 3 Christmas Handicap
Race 4 Secret Distance points score

Entry fees for club races season 2018-2019 are:
(If a Twilight Meeting registration at 5.30pm, racing start at 6.00pm)
Racing to start each Saturday at 12.30pm. Arrive at 12.00pm for registration. Enter via TEAMAPP or pay cash on the day.
Seniors – under 19 and over – $10
Juniors – under 17 and below – $5 (Juniors who have paid for Saturday morning junior development, to get free entry for racing on that day)

Scratch race distances to be – A grade 30 laps
B grade 25 laps
C grade 20 laps
D grade 15 laps
E grade 8 laps
F grade 6 laps

Minimum prize money (A to D grades only)
A grade 1st $50 2nd $45 3rd $40
B grade 1st $40 2nd $35 3rd $30
C grade 1st $30 2nd $25 3rd $20
D grade 1st $20 2nd $15 3rd $10
E & F grade will be awarded 1st place only of $10 each
2nd and 3rd to be awarded McDonalds vouchers, drink, and/or lucky dip.
This prize money will increase, the greater numbers in each race.

2-6 starters will pay only 1st place
7 starters will pay 1st and 2nd
8 + starters will pay 1st, 2nd and 3rd

Ideally handicaps are in divisions – AB=1st division, CD=2nd division, EF=3rd division. If it is necessary to combine grades out of their division, add 30m to CD and 70m to EF.
Any handicaps with EF entries can only be 3 laps. Where no scratch man is handicapped, reduce the virtual scratch to scratch and adjust all others by the same amount. AB/CD to be 6 laps.

Determination of the overall winners each race day is –
1st race 1st place 3 pts 2nd place 2 pts 3rd place 1 pt
2nd race 1st place 3 pts 2nd place 2 pts 3rd place 1 pt
3rd race 1st place 3 pts 2nd place 2 pts 3rd place 1 pt
4th race 1st place 3 pts 2nd place 2 pts 3rd place 1 pt

The overall winner is the rider with the most points. If riders are equal on points at the finish of racing, divide the winnings.
If a handicap is raced on the day regardless of grades, the place getters only get the points.

Club Teams Championships: Teams sprint and pursuits.
All riders are requested to race at least 5 club races through out the 2018/2019 season, at the Blackburn velodrome, to be eligible to complete on the race day.

Sponsors: Due to the excellent support from our sponsors, we have received over $3000.00 extra in cash and prizes that will be distributed throughout the summer track season. This money and prizes will be over and above the advertised prize money. There will be bonus money and prizes at all Saturday racing sessions, and will be allocated to different grades each week.

There will also be the following prize money for the top three place getters over the 4 races, of the John Nicholson Keirin Series.
1st prize $300.00
2nd prize $200.00
3rd prize $100.00


Blackburn Cycling Club, Club Rooms, Burwood East Reserve, Burwood Hwy, Burwood

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